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Anders Bohea – Blues At The Fort

Apr. 28th | Posted by Anders Bohea 0 comments
Anders Bohea here! – an update on the blues at the fort, it’s a music festival on top of Portsdown Hill, it’s organised and run by Havant Hockey Club at boxChilli today, we’ve been working on a new ticketing system….. Friday 20th May 2011, 6:30pm – Late On Friday, Blues at the Fort presents an [...]

Jaws – Anders Bohea

Apr. 27th | Posted by Anders Bohea 0 comments
Hello Anders Bohea here again, in my previous blog post, i mention that my favourite film was back to the future, starring Michael J Fox. I should mention that i seem to have more than one favourite film, more like a top ten! Pushing for first place is Jaws, i have a real thing about [...]

Anders Bohea- Back To The Future

Apr. 27th | Posted by Anders Bohea 0 comments
Hello just me Anders Bohea, we were just having a discussion about favourite films, and I mention one of mine was back to the future (the first one), there for me was something about this film, i remember after seeing it, i wanted to skateboard, and have pretty much been doing it since….. it’s one [...]

Anders Bohea – Wednesday 27th April

Apr. 27th | Posted by Anders Bohea 0 comments
Hello, Anders Bohea here! well today has been a busy day, out and about visiting clients for the morning, boxchilli media are developing the website for a rather posh school, so a visit there this morning out in the countryside. Wasn’t as hot this morning, but the views were amazing across the countryside. Once that [...]